Saturday, May 19, 2007

Allow Me, Please, to Have Shat a Brickette.

It's sometimes necessary to keep old things to make sure everybody gets to remember the same things when celebration times come around. You would usually like to know why you're celebrating, don't you? So here's a box of trinkets and party favor junk for when we have our next party. Thanks for the storage space Mo.

Color me Peepee

Caution. Box contains acerbic commentary. Use gloves.

I got a bad attitude dammit and I'm not afraid to use it!
What time is it? Time for you get a watch!
Fried at the Zapper Flipp Inn at the Zotzzzzzsssshhhhhpppfftt... *poof*
I slipped the monkey a mickey. You idiot! I said slip mickey the monkey.
Mister Finky Lit a Stinky In The Limb O! Seen.
Oh, Mister Haaaardwaaaare. Got a monkey wrench?
Somebody At The Post Office Said To Expect Visitors
Mister Sandman, Bring Me A Dream... Eeeeek!
Sorry, kid, maybe it'll grow back.
Rough and ready for action. You got the baby wipes?
Peaches? I thought you said Leeches! Well, this sucks.
Throw water on him! His pants are on fire!!!
Hello, Operator? How far is it to the Canadian border from this area code?
Hey look! Somebody left their nuglets.
PlaylandsPark Where the clowns take your candy and show your mom a real good time.
Your wallet fell out back there and the cops picked it up. Hey, dude, where you running?
There was a young lady from Venus, who chopped off the next closest...
... 'Oh my such alarm? I thought your new arm was a bad thing that always came 'tween us!

Aunt Jaska sent this over. A Box of
Hats. For Your Head.

Tribal Headdress With Pineapple Flambe'
Who you looking at?
It's a partridge, you idiot... like the pear tree.
Do not beat me on the head, it's a fashion statement!
It is called chicken feathers with mop handle. It's from Paris.
In Russia I am supermodel but in America I am superperson.
Recycled Bubblewrap and Cheeze Whiz Froofroo
Zees must only be worn on April 12 for zee Feasta De Stratifitees
Ah oui oui zees ees for zee Fat Lizard dance in May
Pompously Pedantic Pom Pon Diddly Do-Rag (thank ewe... I love it)

Maps and Craps (in case we don't know where we want to go)
Froggies Farm Fresh Legs (Freaking A, y'all, tastes like chicken)
Where not to go for a loan
Gutt nobbin mit der flieder geveener ump das shlipsletten. (Visit Europe and Stay There)
Smartcard Semantics, Semesters and Smiley Faces