Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chest of Underwares

Hey Morrie... thanks for letting me keep things here over at your place until I get my deposit back on the #2 bungalow. Yer a peach...

I know what you're thinking and no, this is not a post. This is a box of stuff I wanted to put on Laughing Place #2 and I ran out of room (the little shelf thingie on the left of the page can only hold just so many slots). So, I figgered, what the hey... I can get some xerox boxes and stuff those loose things in what looks like a post but is technically a place holder. Like a place mat only with more capabilities than just a place to keep from scorching the varnish off the table.

Anywho... these are some pieces I always wanted to pick up and display and I never made the effort. Then tepe came over and said I had a messy place and the website was broke. Oh yeah? Well, so's your old man!

Anyway, not being the type to get into a pedantic snit, I figgered I would put some energy into getting the kitty litter out of the carpet and kick the cans out into the skreet. Maybe I might paint a bit just so the new boarders won't feel like they're in danger of rubbing up against information that might give them a spot of something midieval.

Again... anywho, I commend these to this space here so when I'm not around (it happens to us all... there ARE times when all are not around).

OK I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "How come this creep is still putting this stuff out. I thought he was skydiving this weekend." Well, actually, it's cloudy here in the Northern part of California and the local airstrip dz frappe spot has all that stuff up there that you're not supposed to fall through... so, no.

Plus, I came down with the miner's dangle from sitting on the sidewalk. Cold and scruffy, don't you know... so it's probably safer for my publius mixinius to be nestled in the old computer chair (why do they call it a computer chair? is that what a computer does to people? makes you sit on rollers?) right in front of the spoofalator and slamming the kittylitter with the blotch rockets.

I know some of you will think these are trivial triflings and you'll leave the lumps for kitty litter critters to sniff and paw. That's why you'll never learn what you need to get a full view.

First, I'm dumping off this load of literature I got from the magazine club. Some of you will remember it as being on #2 in the "items" column but the thing blew up and I got too many links and I figured I can keep it here temporary like until I get the housecleaning done.

Rastamoo Says... (what is it you can't see?)
Gartner agrees...
IBMs direction...
NOW SaaS / Verizon

The Deep Do Do... (tired of due diligence? then, your knowledge is plastic poo)
Predicktion Proffering
Manna from PHeaven
Stop the Arcanity!
V for Verizon

What To Know and Why
A Comet After AJAX

FrootyPop Koolaid... (what every growing treeforter needs for nutrition and visions)
TIMELINE vershtinken
Sun/SavaJe Timeline
Bopping Gophers
RR 46 Reasons
RR Squared
RR Exponential
RR IBM/VCSY timeline
Portunos Tech Track
Beachbums BooBoo
Solomon says...

Condoments of Various Sizes and Flavours

Peppered Roni With Abigail Bitters
Knuckle-Root Safron With Balso Woods
Burnt Baby Booboos And Curried Curses
Mickey 'Cinemon' Fizzels Sticks With Clove
Mucka Tooba PowPow (Bad Buttkick Seven Ways)
Waka Nooka Maka Naka Nook Nook (sage with burnt edges)
Mooka Honi Laka Nooka (Lonely parsley)
Maka Mookmook Mit MooMoo
(tall corn husk - ground round)

Woopa Wanga Muka Noop Noop (smelling butter)

Nuka Mooky (armpit dander - flake)

Pucka Pucka (butthair - grated)
Tuka Wonk Womp (pelletized rat droppings)

Color me Clucked

hicken Fried Frog (Recipes from Grandma Portuno's cupboard)
Muckmuck Make Fire
Sweet Pickel Poo
Pookie Pie Poison
Nyuk Nyuk Nooget
Bedeviled Eggs
Romanalover Goo
Powderkeg Pumpkin
Frickaseed Fartlets
Intoxicating Ticklers
Frump Flambe'

This stuff is what happens when you don't wear a pocket protector:
Where Treasure May Be Found, If You Don't Mind Speaking Geek
Thinking Others Are Stupid is the First Sign of Stupitity
The Famous Legofeel Line:
Wasn't this outburst around the time of the C&D?
A Face is Worth a Thousand Pictures
That Must Have Been One Hella Thursday
You Shoulda Been There to See the Fat Lady Swan Dive
Same Same Same Same Same
Nobody Turned Off Your Air So Quit Turning Blue
IBM Was Where Microsoft Wants
VCSY Is Where the World Wants to Go
What's Your Problem?