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Emails from the Edge; The Sanjaya Chronicles...

(a few days of rest and relaxation with the kids and fam and what do I find in my email box when I return, a slew of treasures from a friend from afar. Since this is a Pirates of the Caribbean weekend, I'll use that analogy, and I've asked if the treasure chest could be shared, and "Aye, Matey" was the answer in the affirmative. So, read away friends, there is more gold where this came from. A first shot off the bow, if you will - Morrie33)

Out of Sequence sure, but a good place to start nonetheless. The Emails from the Edge...go:

Hey Mo -

Lovely day on the peninsula.

I thought I might drop you a line as I was
cleaning through some stuff and I noticed that in May 17, 2006, Sun gave a company called SavaJe the go ahead to produce a Java phone using a micro-kernel approach that is remarkably like the MLE concept. As you know the US 7,076,521 patent describes the MLE engine... and SavaJe approached Java with the same idea... not with the typical virtual machine for browsers but as a micro-kernel processing agent handling scripts from URL sources.

The idea being (just as with Emily/MLE) that you can do distributed real-time processing with something like that. SavaJe had a real great idea. In fact, it was so good, Ken Ross, the founder of Ross Systems was involved with SavaJe from way back.

Well, it's kinda weird and all and I don't want to say too much about it as people look at you with the stink eye when you suggest a conspiring just because things happen to happen in the same week or day. But,
SavaJe were going great guns until October 17, 2006 when all of a sudden SavaJe went dark. Yes, on the same date Yahoo released Panama for internal use. Yeah I know that's weird, isn't it?

And THEN! Sun bought all SavaJe's assets April 13, 2007 and now Sun is putting out real-time JAVA just like IBM (IBM was doing it before Sun in fact April 10, 2007). heh heh... odd

What's so odd? Only that on April 12, 2007, Microsoft announced Viridian was delayed and on April 12, 2006 Apple announced Leopard would be delayed. Both of them delayed to October. Weird, ain't it? Now Apple is back on track to release in June but Microsoft had to announce Viridian key elements were gutted

Do you think the April 18, 2007 date for VCSY suing Microsoft has anything to do with that? In fact, I read somewhere that April 18 is when VCSY announced the suit and the actual notification was earlier. Was it around April 12 or 13? Hmmm...

Anyway, I know you wanted to keep up with such things so I thought you and the rest of the treeforters should know. I wrote something to mm-buster about it and then I thought I would give you a more focused view as maybe you and bave and sirius and pow and rr and the rest of the treeforters (I figger RR is an honorary treeforter as he was one at one time and you know what they say 'once a nut always a nut.' - at least that's what trees say when I walk by them.) can find out some things about Ken Ross and SavaJe. I and others have archived pages detailing his work with them and before but all the stuff on the web has been deleted apparently. The web ain't what it used to be, no?


Yers truly, por

PS - Thanks I'm enjoying my vacation mucho. I never realized how much time all that writing consumed. I like sending postcards like this much better.

Another Email brought to your attention

You may know from reading that Sun JavaFX is said to be like what Adobe is using in Apollo and will be a "SilverLight killer" and the "end of AJAX". Odd, isn't it, that SavaJe should take the form of a micro-kernel OS like the VCSY agent patent? Even more odd Ken Ross should be such a prominent individual in SavaJe and even more odd than that Ross Systems should be implied by judiciary judgment in an effort to take VCSY down and presumably to extract their IP (or have someone else, perhaps).

So many different twists and turns in this new labyrinth to explore. I bet the patent troll is up to his whiskers in paper trails.

Like the guy in the post says, the architecture is deadly simple. Look at the virtualization services that can be achieved with such a simple method. Then look again at what Viridian is having to give up. Compare, stare and swear.

When the curtain comes up the real roaches will skitter. If you watch carefully you have an opportunity to make a whole lot of money if you like puts and calls.

Yers truly


Finally, email #3 in the Sanjaya Series:

Where was Ken Ross? From August 2000, he was a partner with RRE Ventures until 2005

RRE Ventures was the outfit shepherding SavaJe

I have remarked about this "synergy" between ross and savaje a number of times but to no consternation until we now see what place savaje plays in the architecture.

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