Friday, April 27, 2007

Big advances come to tiny optical components

The question is: Is this technology contained as part of VCSY's Fiber Optic Patent???????


Anonymous said...


".... What that means is Microsoft intends to invest in adding code—likely vertically oriented technology, analysts say...",1895,2102472,00.asp

Hey Pos--I know this is unrelated to the optic material but this blog format---well...sorry---until told otherwise I'll just post at the first available comment option.

morrie33 said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Morrie.

Anonymous said...

question for fourth and nine

1. Filing said Mr. Chumura is an employee of the company; what is his role.

2. Who is Synapse and under what relationship with VCSY are they operating?

Tell 4th and nine---anonymous says thanks....and no punting.

Thanks morrie

poscash said...

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Mighty fine ship---havnt quite got my sea legs.

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I havnt read it--but I'd wager it claims a need for efficiency--