Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is why the stock price is hammered down

VCSY msg 183368 at Raging Bull
By: seastheday
25 Apr 2007, 01:03 PM EDT
Msg. 183368 of 183368

Coincidence??? NITE has been first on bid and ask since 10:29 this am. I just called two numbers at Knight at 12:52, complained about the manipulation of this stock, both times I was hung up on, and at 12:55 UBSS stepped in front of NITE of bid at .026 and one sale goes through at .027 hmmmmmmmmmm? �
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Might I add there are a number of nefarious efforts ongoing to wreck what VCSY is doing, presumably to prevent the successful exploitation of Vertical's lawfully obtained intellectual property against those who wish to have that property for their own use.

Can you imagine what companies that might encompass? Hmmm?

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