Wednesday, April 25, 2007

VCSY sues Microsoft

To begin with, I'm placing a google here that might help you get your bearings.

google: Microsoft + 'Vertical Computer Systems'

That's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. Little dinky VCSY is suing the giant MSFT because Microsoft is apparently (has continued for years) using VCSY's intellectual property in their dotNet platform which has been used to construct many of their client's application environments and systems.

Here is the patent in question: VCSY patent 6,826,744 System and method for generating web sites in an arbitrary object framework

If you think you have a good argument as to why this patent should not have been granted, we would like to hear your reasoning here. Those patent examiners must be stupid or blind, huh? LOL

Here's a good synopsis from a post on Raging Bull: RB VCSY message 20917

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