Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bits and Bites.

Your attention please!

There will be a practice skirmish on the playing field with the 'nostalgia' ridden Longhorn followers and the establishment in Microsoft. Impact gear are recommended.

This is the location of the official Longhorn Reloaded project.

Here is are discussion forums.

Another effort to resurrect the stinky dead bull is here as “Retrophase” (begin June 12, 2006).

About Longhorn Reloaded: http://ajaxamine.tripod.com/index.blog/1696483/honest-doc-i-didnt-know-bolt-cutters-could-do-that-kind-of-damage/

Note: Java programming with XML seems to be all the rage in IBM and Sun while rogue developers outside of Microsoft are forced to go it alone with whatever they can get their hands on... from others... not from Microsoft.


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