Sunday, May 20, 2007

Emails from the Edge; Got Fiber...?

I am but a conduit, a channel if you will. The emails come in and I distribute them accordingly, and sometimes they come back to me. As they say, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." So, based on this Hallmark wisdom, I guess these emails ARE mine to do with what I will...The first email came from POSCash. I sent that up the peninsula and it came back to me by carrier pigeon.

Yesterday I read the description under the OPTICAL section and it described how Verizon will be able to send up to 400Gb/s of info through a single strand of fiber. This made me think of VCSY's Fiber Optic Patent of being able to send images over a single strand of fiber and they may be closer than we think working with Verizon to do this. This is really getting very interesting! Have a GREAT DAY!

And then I forwarded that email to my Peninsula Pal, and this is his response:

that's fantastic news. thanks for that.

by the way, I found the legacy Websphere shutdown post on #2 here:

(by the way - each of the posts can be got by the 'permalink' although the tripod site doesn't handle URL's correctly on the permalink page as it does on the original post date view. The above post date is Sunday, April 29 2007.)

The shut down was April 30 2007. There was no announcement as to what would take the place of those systems and as I said in another letter, our theory about IBM's next gen technology as described by the SiteFlash and Agent patents plus the remainder of IBM's IP farm predicts there should be large layoffs following the abstraction and automation of many IT functions.

IBM is rumored to be about to relieve very large sections of its global work force:

More about rollie pollie

Check out these two URLs below and then look at the timeline at:

for april 12...

We know our boy isn't a software guy, he's a hardware guy and he works in a chip manufacturing facility with metal depositation. I say he knew when the apple and/or microsoft virtualization delay came through and it pissed his little tricycle pedaling legs off.

And finally a late night email:

See this about IBM workforce?

Lean and Mean: 150,000 U.S. layoffs for IBM?

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