Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Italian Job.....or Connection?

Well longs......we do know that from VCSY's 8K filed on March 9th 2007 it included this statement:

For the territory of Italy, the Company also obtained the rights to distribute IA (formerly referred to as ImmuneApp) to all users in the health care industry and all users in any federal, state and local government agencies or their equivalents in Italy. In addition, the Company acquired from CWI partial exclusivity rights for a security access management software program that functions as an ID verification system. The Company has the exclusive rights to distribute SAM to all users in government agencies and the healthcare and casino industries in the United States and Canada. In order to retain these exclusivity rights for SAM and for IA in Italy, the Company must achieve minimum monthly gross revenues (for SAM and IA in Italy, as applicable), which increase on a yearly basis during the term of the Sublicense Agreement.

And we also know that Now Solutions is using VCSY's Baseline Management Solution product in
Empath which is known from this statement:

IA and StatePointPlus are part of VCSY’s security suite of products. In keeping with the movement in the software industry toward the software as a service model (SaaS), the security suite is named the Baseline Management Solution and is offered on a managed service basis.
VCSY has aggressively been making sales presentations of its Baseline Management Solution throughout the United States and Canada to various entities, including cities and other government agencies, as well as public companies subject to Sarbanes-Oxley reporting. NOW Solutions, Inc. (NOW Solutions), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VCSY, is also making presentations of the Baseline Management Solution to its customer base.

What I am getting at is, is it any more obvious that this Huge Global Italian Company named Gruppo Campari just announced joining Verizon's Hosted Data Center? Are they happy with
Verizon's network security? Will they be using Empath for their HRMS software to run their
web base business? Stay tuned.............................................

Verizon Business Strengthens Gruppo Campari's Global Business Resilience
Leading Global Beverage Maker Entrusts Business Critical Infrastructure to Verizon Business as Foundation for Unified CommunicationsMay 10, 2007

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