Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Make the little doggy sit up.

The poster of the following VCSY Raging Bull post ('kantuc' aka legofeel aka mirror aka reflexshun) thinks he's come up with a real stumper. He must have a posting quota.

VCSY holds patents which are codified intellectual property detailing the architectural design of systems... those systems may be built in any programming language available. Some will do better with their particular language constraints than others and where those languages and products are can be in open-source OR proprietary.

Each license would spell out what areas where of general purpose use and which were specific IP implementations constructed so as to prevent reverse engineering to discover proprietary methods embedded within the particular patent described part.

So, the answer to this brain teazer with a swizzel stick is 'BOTH'. VCSY software licenses may reside in both realms. Wow. That was hard.

By: kantuc
15 May 2007, 04:35 PM EDT
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(This msg. is a reply to 185258 by POSCASHFLOW.)

As far as I know, VCSY's patents are not for any "open source" software. Do you people even know what "open source" means? Ask Portuno to explain it for you. If VCSY was producing open source software, they would have made it obvious a longtime ago and (based on claims of the real amt longs on this board) would be big shots in the open source community for sharing their amazing technology with the world. IMO.

I could be wrong though. Can anyone explain why they consiDer VCSY to considered an open source development shop?

Try not to answer all at once.

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long)

A 'tailtuc' would be more like it than 'kantuc'

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