Friday, May 25, 2007

Masters of the Universe(Or just data)

The original spark of creation lies in each human being, like a micro-kernel. Its power supports and is able to modify the abstract architecture of the mind, which is replicated physically by the neurology in the brain to access certain information built up over ones life. This information comes from analog impressions(meta data, thousands every second) through the interaction with ones environment, the value we give to each reality and moment, and from the relational psychological storage kept in our limitless minds, essentially a small piece with a connecting link to the whole quantum field. Modern science still has no idea or basis of determining where memory is actually imprinted, whether in the brain or something more abstract. Does the brain actually store this information physically in the dense formation of its cells? I believe not. The brain is just a physical organ, or virtual server to build the proper relational and alterable neurological patterns to channel the matching information, memory, and emotion real-time........from a remote place(The environment, probably ether) This process gradually over time makes up a human being capable of performing anything from gymnastics to tai chi, landing a plane at 200mph, or creating music while being deaf.(Beethoven's mastery came from observations in patterns and relationships of notes to use interlocking thematic devices to achieve a type of actual objective harmony) He unified many different sounds because in a way he was his own emPath, connecting and organizing musical data. This made for genius, mastery and improvement.
The whole trick is to understand unity, recognize patterns, filter the information and piece things together again to create more again and again, forever. Each person has a bit of creator in ones Self. In the way we each have a piece of hard code which can enable us or any type of project we give energy to. At this moment in history we only have access to our own makings, memories, emotions, personal information and small or big isolated ideas. But when unity is achieved or realized, the relationship of one person to the next person, and each person's life is no longer an isolated occurrence. The boundaries fade psychologically and even physically depending on the severity of the realization to form a better ecology of living. Representing the natural order of things and bringing balance, flow and the possibility of new growth to situations that each was originally stuck to his or her own efforts. Humans have great ideas, we all have possibility, but under the weight and stress of day to day life, personal goals get drowned and momentum is lost. Virtualization of people, one person representing many or many representing one common interest is a powerful thing. We just need to be on the same page first. Convergence in anything is most efficient, and self sustaining. Anything that supports this perpetuality will be successful, as it is the order of nature and the cosmos. The small parts leverage the whole, and the whole has its access on the little parts. Each part of the unified environment just as important as the other. Reflection becomes truth this way.

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