Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Q and A with Steve Ballmer

Emily Exhemel: So Steve, we've been hearing lately there has been a lot of holes in Windows......people are having problems with security, spam, app problems etc.

Steve Ballmer: Emily, at Microsoft, its not how it works but how we tell you its going to work, and we don't like the term "holes"...... we've had many discussions on this. We think "Vista" just has a better ring to it. But we;re still working on the marketing for this.

Emily Exhemel: Whats the story on WinFS and Longhorn, why so long in the works?

Steve Ballmer: Emm, that color looks great on you, it really compliments your eyes.

Emily: What do you think of the infringement suit against you from Vertical Computer Systems?

Steve: (sweating profusely) Have you heard of Silverfish? (Ballmer checks earpiece, looking confused)

Emily: I haven't, I'm a vegetarian.

Steve: Sorry Emms, I meant Silverlight.

Emily: That sounds familiar, (equally looking confused, Emily says)..................Steve is that my watch you're wearing? And my underwear too?!!! Oh yeah, don't call me Emms.

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