Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sprouting seeds for health

Vertical Computer Systems Inc (BB: VCSY)

The mustard seed was "smaller than all other seeds," but that when it was full grown, it would be large enough for birds to nest in its branches.

VCSY patents have the capability of extending themselves to everything and for everything virtual and web-based.


"What if it's an operating system and application by which you can build other operating systems and applications that can build other operating systems and applications etcetera while maintaining (not just recording) the elemental development path from origin to all varied uses and transformations. This is an architecture machine capable of building other software architectures.]"

And this:

HOW CAN IT DO THAT? Because this patent takes advantage of other patented and pending patent products that provide granular elemental transactional governance in distributed agent micro-operating systems (aka the Agent Patent via Footnote 1) built upon a foundational micro-kernel based markup language in the pending patent application for MLE (Markup Language Executive) aka Emily (See Footnote 2 This is what all the Microsoft central core braintrust is trying to come up with when it says they are trying to build a micro-kernel driven dynamic language.). Emily is a dynamic language with its own micro-kernel for execution of the language at any place or requirement in any systems. Resulting in Virtualization of the software environment, the XML Agent is the entity that gets deployed and it may assume any kind of function with compartmentalized functions applied. A tailored CPU of sorts for any interaction or tool requirement, if you will. Virtualization of facility resulting from the nature of the enabling facility of the agent functions to be incorporated into legacy and new environment, frameworks, operating systems, applications. What these two items (1 and 2) provide is 1. micro-kernel operating system for micro-virtual-computer construction facility and 2. An environment for fabricating frameworks using these items 1 in arbitrary definition and deployment.] And this The XML Enabler Agent is a product derived from a small subset of claims in 7,076,521 The breadth of the total claims describes an elemental computer form capable of drawing commands, reference, design parametry, specification, governance into a minimal-footprint processing engine deployable in any coded language and presented at any moment of operation.

This computer consists of a kernel (micro-kernel) of hard code that makes up the MLE footprint. That engine is able to draw networked information (Davison is a network management expert) (Charles Northrup is a network architecture expert)(McAuley is an information deployment over network expert) as commanded by processes described in the workflow.

All these things that I'm reading when I look at the patents ring so damn clear its ridiculous to almost universal natural flow of things. VCSY's patents possibly and probably represent a virtual incarnation of nature itself. Effortless, balanced, and arbitrary....(nature accepts everything into this flow of life and evergy) But the more and more these analogies come up I feel more comfortable that I own stock in this company. Yeah they're small, yup you may not hear much of them, but folks how often do you pay attention to breath? Its everywhere, life sustaining, we need it and its vital. VCSY is like this, its just going to make everything function the way it should. You may not notice it, but thats the point. We notice problems, not when things run smoothly.

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