Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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...with the windows versions in place today are being ousted in the future with IBM-RedHat ?

Yes indeed if Microsoft doesn't get its act together very quickly. Precisely.

Please read this first

THEN look at the date (try not to look at the date until after you've read it).
Key point in the article: "Observers believe that Longhorn will:

  • Create a new file system that replaces FAT, FAT32 (an acronym for File Allocation Table) and even the newer NTFS (the Windows NT file system), the most modern ways of storing data in..."

  • The reason we focus on WinFS is because WinFS was the prime example (back when it was openly discussed) of an XML extension of the file system (NTFS) up to an abstract (more greatly simplified) layer (a "layer" is a catch-all term to describe an operational segment between two thigns that need to interoperate).

    We know now (after actually seeing) Vista is NOT radically different from XP. Why? Because Vista still functions the way XP works. Why? Because Vista was produced with the same methods used to construct XP.

    Now, after Vista, read these:

    This is why Microsoft now sheepishly admits the "next" operating system (oh, yeah the NEXT one, then... ok. Now we see. 2009 maybe?) will have to be "entirely different" from previous operating systems.

    So, yes, the SiteFlash patent tells us we no longer have to build an operating system based on the operational layers in one machine (a single chip type) but may use internet interconnecting and XML abstraction to build layers allowing an operating system (and any other applications) to be built on any chipset type and with any set(s) of languages... combined.

    Wahhoooo. Very liberating because "programming" escapes the bounds of "this is what we have to use" to allow "this is what we have so let's use it". Big difference.

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