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Emails from the Edge; The LG Thing

Yo Mo-
I think our buddy here is sending a signal unbeknownst. Wanting to be able to say to readers once "news" is really out he can point back to here hint hint nod nod wink wink say no more say no more...

Pondering A World With Too Many Windows

Thursday, June 07, 2007, 7:00:21 AM | Abigail CarmelGo to full article
Larry Dignan (ZDNet) submits: Microsoft (MSFT) is taking Windows way vertical–so vertical that it’s targeting specific rooms in your home. This strategy could snowball quickly.
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And in this article about MSFT's latest deal with LG shows who's going to be producing the Surface Computing table (IF msft has an agreement on VCSY IP, what do you think Microsoft will want to do?). If there is a deal in place with VCSY, I wonder if it will included the optical patent? It offers Microsoft a way of competing with Verizon and yet stay out of each other's way.
If not, the Surface will most likely remain a fat-backed flat TV screen. The Cruz patent could provide the surface's methods of watching the action and with variations in light wavelength and other sensing techniques the Surface could be a primary human interaction interface for the future of software/computer/services
A full length surface for "blind" dating? Peninsula/Bay Area Females. Candy. 3?ish... Friends call her "Fluffy". Enjoys walks in the moonlight. Skipping through the surf. Can be a naughty girl on cue.
A not-so-brave world. NEXT! click...
Microsoft at this point in history stands a great chance of dominating the gaming and interaction world. If MSFT has hooked up with legit VCSY technology, we're going to see some monstrous ideas come out of the Surface computing and well worth a buy of Microsoft now at $30. Maybe more about that later. Haven't decided if I'm going to sit in front of the computer after all this plays out and an announcement is made. I'm "apparently" right so I win. Yeah. Hooray for me. I hope recy can find something else to entertain himself with. Maybe legal studies might help take his mind off his bitterness.
I say family gaming using a light table that can sense your movements just like wii but in far more sophisticated ways will revolutionize much about the modern and primitives worlds. It will watch all of you around the table and work with your movements (one day and probably not all that far in the future). A few Cruz fibers embedded in the surface and the machine can watch everything going on in the room and advanced lasser techniques would give MSFT a possible ability for the Surface computing platform to see the room in 3D.
Of course, you won't get such equipment right away. There's all that "Research and Development" money that needs to get spent before anybody can do anything. But, we're living in transition to a different world and it turns out VCSY has the opportunity to be the mass central to that orbital system.
You could play "Who's hiding behind my little brother?" with the family computer.
And, of course, the Surface machine would be nothing more than a smart etchasketch without enabling, virtualizing and arbitration powers from V software patents. Those powers mean the Surface table will be a useful place for the family to gather rather than the isolating impact of individual displays/keypads and Mice.
Tellme for MSFT will do what others will not be able to do for some time unless they harness web services like Canadian Bell's emily.
The surface machine will be able to see and listen to the family and its conversations... of course, the way it's done today in the prototypes is by clunky cameras (even though they may be as miniature as a peeky poodle, they are still clunky if electronic and wire - even wireless even worse. no chips please. That's why the "surface" right now is a coffee table or a bar or a conference pedestal.
If you want to make the surface really thin, with different optical ranges (how far from the table you're acting), use the Cruz patent method and you can fit an optical fiber to the surface glass and see action in front of the surface (actually, anywhere around the surface).
Put a surface in every room and your TV can be your 24/7 security system, your nanny for the pets while you're at work [one day your kids?], your communications system with grandma and other CEO's, your ... you name it. You can play with avatars of your family in their kid's room with wall size play surfaces. Your kitchen will be able to watch the pot to see when it boils (even if there's a lid on it) and you could have an interactive Chef Boyardi stepping you through the meatloaf manufacturing.
Of course, that's if you're a RICH person. Otherwise you get to watch regular color high def TV. Wow.
And HERE are the people who will make the surface unit high-quality and inexpensive:

Microsoft, LG Electronics Announce Patent Cross-License Agreement
Thursday, June 07, 2007, 2:39:30 AM
| Steven TownsGo to full article
Microsoft and LG Electronics [LGE] have entered into a patent cross-license agreement in order to further the development of current and future product lines. Financial details were not disclosed, but Microsoft said it will be making a net balancing payment to LGE.

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