Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Emails from the Edge; the Positive Cash Flow Diaries

If Paris Hilton wasn’t in jail, I’d think I was the most popular guy around. I’m getting emails left and right, passing them from Joe to Bob and from Bob to Sam. Bill Gates tried to write me, but I delegated him to the spam pile. I thought I’d share a little note from my buddy POS and then an answer to POS’s question from my Peninsula Pal.
Hello Morrie,  
I thought that I would run this by you and the group to see what you think of this.
Perhaps Portuno is right about VCSY and MSFT settling the suit 2 weeks ago.

Anyways, let me know what you and the group think this is about! Take care, Poscash

P.S., Why else would this be in the new DB2 Magazine:   Anyways, let me know what you and the group think this is about!   Take care, Poscash

And here’s port’s response:

Yo mo -

Yep "updated 9 days ago" - I agree. It certainly fits what we've seen in the change of MSFT behaviour and text over the past couple weeks. The following "Beyond WinFX" was written July 2006 in the MSDN Magazine which dovetails nicely with the timeline for the granting of the 7,076,521 patent July 11, 2006. Now this article pops up on MSDN today as though it's a new article.

I would say all of the majors, including (especially) Microsoft, have had a transactional method in place for quite some time. Let's face it, they HAD to have this stuff in place in order for their systems to work - these people aren't stupid.

The architects would have had to have these kinds of XML data collection and collaboration methods in place in Microsoft alone years ago in order for just the WinFS demos to be pulled off. I'm sure it's quite a shock for them to realize the things they have worked on are actually owned by people who worked out these same architectural conundrums decades ago.

Remember who Davison and McAuley and Valdetaro are. They aren't some flipflaps "discovering" distributed processing during the dotcom era. Their knowledge and work in all this goes back decades

Anywho... it's nice to see this sort of stuff finally floating to the top. I would say it says we're very very close to finally unveiling what VCSY owns and for real.

It's laughable those on the message boards who claim this can't be true use "critical thinking" as a pinion to ridicule those who have been doing critical thinking on top of deductive reasoning on all this information unearthed for all this time.

Do me a favor. Tell those kinds of people all to get a clue and quit making fools of themselves and quit trying to derail folks who are attempting to gain a greater depth of knowledge.

Ah well. Onward and upward ... to wit:

Beyond WinFX

Transactions, Aero Wizards and Task Dialogues in Windows Vista

Kenny Kerr

From the July 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine.

Funny we haven't seen a peep about transactioning in WinFS or anything else all this time from Microsoft and now this July 2006 article pops up on the RSS feed like it's a brand new thing.

And then here we are with this one on 'thread synchronization' within Vista June 2007:

Synchronization Primitives New To Windows Vista

Robert Saccone and Alexander Taskov

From the June 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine

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