Thursday, June 7, 2007

Follow Up to "Maybe Xanadu is not Xanadu."

The elephant is standing there in the forest and we can't see it because it looks like mountain. It is much bigger than I thought and it's exactly as we've been saying all along. That's for everyone else to find out after VCSY takes their rightful place as king of the jungle.

Bright Moon out tonight. Microsoft are opting for an integrated security solution as opposed to the one-off per OS 'Security Suite'. Hmmmm. Another shell-shucked nuglet washes up on Loma Linda:

June 4, 2007 4:17 PM PDT

Microsoft security nirvana?

Posted by Jon Oltsik

It is common knowledge that IT security is made up of isolated security islands that don't talk to each other and must be managed on a one-off basis.

Why is this? Best I can figure is that it is a historical combination of budget and behavior. Security budgets are notoriously tight, so tools tend to be brought in on an as-needed basis. As for behavior, security professionals grew up with a "best of breed" mindset. If security widgets 1 and 2 are deemed to be the best products available, they buy them. Security benefits tend to trump interoperability or operations challenges.

As an old blustery boss of mine used to say, "we've seen this movie before." Think of all the IT technologies that started as discrete implementations only to become an unmanageable mess when you tried to coordinate things across the enterprise. That's where we are today with security.

But, Microsoft sees the writing on the wall. Future security products must combine threat protection with enterprise scale and manageability.

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This is a very useful blog: as it gives an excellent way to watch how Microsoft is feeling.

And another excellent source:

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