Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Popcorn in the Sky, Spun Sugar in the Eye

Mo Mo Mo.
Mary Jo took another shot at it and it's as we suspected: Vista=Leopard. So what? Missing secrets are the same on Microsoft side as they are on the Apple side. It's all simple math. Nought from nought is nought. Cipher, Jethro!
June 13th, 2007

Leopard vs. Vista: Take two

Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 6:12 am
"Instead, what I was attempting to ask was whether users out there, especially those who’ve had a chance to play with the closed Leopard betas, believe there are features and functionality in Leopard that will leapfrog what’s available in Vista. I was curious because I often hear Apple officials and users assert that Leopard will be light years ahead of Vista once Leopard ships. Yet in the demonstration I saw on Monday, I didn’t see much of anything — other than the beautiful eye candy, as noted by LifeHacker — that seemed to go beyond what Microsoft is doing with Vista."
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