Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just when I was getting good...

As most readers will know, I have posted on for months. That opportunity apparently has been denied as the site is now off-line. I will continue to explore more to find out why Laughing Place #2 is unavailable as I am able to post but not able to bring up the home page.

Thanks for the place to crash Morrie.

25 July 2007 16:14 EDT Posted by Rasta Mafoozle
The End Is Near
If Microsoft is counting on exhibit_for_msft_response.pdf to prove "prior art", Microsoft shareholders should start getting shelac and brushes to use to decoupage their Microsoft shares once they lose the VCSY patent lawsuit.
And IF I am allowed by the poorly acting site software I will endeavour to prove my contentions.
As it is, just logging in to this blog is a chore as the software is hanging up and not allowing free movement.
Apparently this blog site is no longer on-line. I shall retire to Laughing Place #3 and tell the story there that I have been denied the opportunity to tell here.

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