Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buttkicking time in the projects

Yo Mo - When Curly and Larry gets here we's gonna have ourselfs a time, huh?

I'll be the Shremp in the cocktail sauce and you can be the steak. Old butter bottom is wondering what the heck happened since every time he tries to shut one of our operations down is like kicking a puffball. Spores and spoofs every where. I do dearly like the mask. Scared the crap out of me when I just logged on here. I think there will be some people seeing that face in their sleep tonight and in many nights and many moons of nights to come.

Not to clutter up the place and bury your excellent post but I figgered the folks might like to know what's happening in the world at large as our competitor and opponent Microsoft sees it... or, should I say, is seeing it right now.

April 25th, 2007

Yet another Microsoft search exec calls it quits

Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 8:49 am Categories: Windows Live, Search, Google

Most folks know by now I'm a Mary Jo freak. I been thinking about getting a tattoo with a big tank with a giant gun barrel and with 'Mary Jo Foley - The Irish Scanker Sore' on the barrel. [Just wording Mj chill - it's a complement if you can dig past the top layer - like all good thoughts should be]. Mary Jo knows people hate seeing her number on the caller ID. They roll their eyes and go 'Oh God what now?' the same as the cool kids do in the highschool halls when the school skank said 'hello'.

I went to the prom with a school skank. Wildest time I ever had unsober. Skanks have a peculiar power in cultures. They are reviled and hated by the prim and proper and respected and heard by the low and grimy. I look back on those who would have most likely succeeded out of the p&p crowd and, knowing what I know about life now, I think the l&g peeps are probably a lot more happy, more certain of their knowledge and the limits of their knowledge, and more considerate of the faults and failings of others. Of course, that compassion has strict limits when the slightest whiff of bull*** drifts over the transom and becomes searing analysis and plotting because the l&g hate bs whereas the p&p live on a continuous diet.

It's all about clouded thinking and the foolish ends such brings our minds. Those who first read this post and think I am defaming Mj will continue on their way clucking to themselves. Those who know who the guy on the dance floor with the school skank will become, will bow down to that skank in the prom gown one day.

Screw those narrow minded and petty fools. They're about to have the beds stripped down to the frame by somebody they consider a servant. Remember, it's the servants who do the dishes and cook your food and make your bed... and you WILL lie in it.

And then you'll remember a kiss from across the phone or through an email with the Irish Scanker Sore. And that memory will fester for all to see.

Sorry to make your job harder, Mj, but the strongest plants are the ones that rise up through the concrete. PS - Lovely dress. The dog ate the corsage.

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