Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I had posted something on PH about MS not getting doubleclick despite offering more than google because they possibly knew about VCSY's lawsuit against MS in advance. Was I way off in thinking this? Just curious as to what others think about this, since a lot seems to be going on behind the scenes with VCSY, for very good reasons at that.


portuno said...

No you're probably much closer to correct than most would think. While examining the patent and what 'is' is in Microsoft technology is difficult, mapping actions is not.

I think other companies have studied MSFT's actions over the year and have concluded they don't have the goods.

I would suspect most CEO's think if MSFT really had the XML goods we would all be swimming in XML related blather from Microsoft by now even if we were not poking buttons on their applications.

But, we hear nothing and see nothing from Microsoft in the XML and unstructured data realm (I mean, they just lost one of their big unstructured data search guys and there's still no news on what kind of 'services' Live is supposed to produce.) and if we hear and se nothing I would say the other CEO's will try as hard as they can to find out what the real skinny is on MSFT's inactivity.

So yes I think you are right.

Anonymous said...



portuno said...

Yeah THERE's some real fine upstanding elements at work around us, no? HA We know what side the bread is buttered on and we know how to cut the crust.

Benjamin said...

Hey Seus Christo!!!! "MSFT, everywhere you don't want us to be"

Anonymous said...

havnt quite figured out how to enter this temple so for now I'll be Yup. Isnt it funny. PH has always claimed that The Laughing Place was not about programming.

Here we see the company that owns PH focusing on .NET

Now why dont they think discussion of VCSY--and its IP---is relevant. what a hoot.

morrie33 said...


I never got your final email on PH, whether or not to publish your final PH thoughts on Microsoft...

I was a little late to that lunch. I should've copied and pasted that little tidbit. I didn't think we'd be erased in 8 hours. Oh well.