Monday, April 30, 2007

Dell 2.0! We knew it was coming!!!!

Dell is now looking beyond just doing PC sales! Why? Because they have to in order to compete IMHO. We(VCSY) are at the forefront of a truly global technological advancement. The ride will be explosive! Read this excerpt from the link below:

Dell's admission is the first time he has shown an interest in developing an indirect channel. The strategy would be in stark contrast to its direct model of selling computers via its Web site and hotline.

"These so-called 'service divisions' create a never ending cycle of activity with unclear return on investment," he stated. "We intend to break this cycle. We will build different kinds of services and offer key technologies that will help customers escape this complexity trap and unlock the true potential of technology."


Anonymous said...

Speaking of new services--global web services that is---sorry Poscash--lousy lead in..but this may be worth following.

An eloquent summary---in green near the bottom of the page.

written by the new CTO (announced today) of a former acquaintance

poscash said...

Not a lousy lead in! Just keep on finding and posting masked rider!
We enjoy the info. NOW, HI HO Silver.....AWAY!!!!!