Monday, April 30, 2007

Microsoft Lights Way for Next-Generation Web ...HA!

Take out the "Lights Way" and replace it with"Steals Way" IMHO. Just keep selling .Net ole
MSFT and we will have a better settlement and collect more royalties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft Lights Way for Next-Generation Web Development and Design at MIX07April 30, 2007: 01:00 PM ESTMicrosoft Silverlight enhancements unveiled including support for .NET managed code and dynamic languages; provides developers and designers with a comprehensive solution for building and delivering Web, PC and device applications.


portuno said...

It will be entertaining watching Microsoft run the journalistic gauntlet and sell much Silverfish because the more they sell the better off we are going to be with a ready market and an easy to prove infringement.

I found a couple blog entries that explain why SOAP/.Net simply never has flown beyond megabuck companies and vigilant technologists.

Most folks don't know the pros and cons of this debate, so they assume Microsoft .Net/Biztalk has an edge on XML. Actually SOAP makes for very slippery states, so, if you want to do .Net, you have to have a ton of support.

REST is not like that in that it depends on agents to inform and actuate the system operation based on representational states known by the agents.

These are a couple useful articles on REST versus SOAP.

Three reasons that REST is not RPC

I finally get REST. Wow.

The blog entry on Friday, April 27, 2007 'On programming models...' addresses the shock of an RPC adherent when faced with a problem with existing architecture.

Anonymous said...

Alot in the bag---

This is Ozzie

"...We have a broad palette of things at each layer that are coming down the pike. The one thing that you can count on--absolutely, unquestionably--is that anything that we do from a services infrastructure platform perspective is aligned with the .Net story..."