Monday, April 30, 2007


Hello Longs! Just went to IBM's website and thought that I would do a search on EMPATH in the search field and they have added a 4th result (actually it is #3 out of 4). Check it out:

Here is the link to the 3rd result:



poscash said...

One thing that just came to mind after reading this was during the VCSY/Ross trial I believe Richard Wade came up to Explore98 and asked a question about power and the data center with IBM and Verizon? Please correct me if I am wrong about this conversation. It was posted on PH!

Benjamin said...

No, you're right. Wade said that Verizon and IBM were having power problems when explore brought up something about power issues. This whole point is relevant because empath is capable of handling the server farms and other hardware that would benefit from automation.