Monday, April 30, 2007

Question for Portuno??????????????????

Hello Port! Yesterday on VCSY A Laughing Place #2 you wrote:

Sunday, 29 April 2007
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Thanks to mm-buster for this observation. Odd. Very odd.
IBM is shutting down a slew of software and services for their legacy AS/400 software stable on April 30, 2007 with no obvious indication as to what software will be taking its place to bring the legacy systems up to iSeries. This could be nothing although it has the feel of a major shift. I notice some servers of note are down tonight for maintenance and I can't help but wonder and wait.
Of Interest: IBM: Software withdrawal and service discontinuances for April 30, 2007

Well I did a search on Google ("EMPATH" + IBM) and came to this result:

Certified Software And Services For IBM mainframe

NOW if you look on Human Resources you will see a Now Solutions-emPath link. If you click on that link and scroll down to Server Platform you will see: IBM iSeries (AS/400)

I have noticed just recently that this (TEC) site is now comparing Empath to many other HR programs on the market. These comparisons were not there a month ago! It seems as though
Now Solutions is really preparing for GROWTH in 2007. Do you think IBM is loading EMPATH
on their IBM iSeries (AS/400) Mainframes today which by the way is April 30th 2007? I know you knew todays date!LOL
It is just interesting that this could be part of the software shift/update today!


Benjamin said...

Pos, you're one sharp knife. Good catches........

poscash said...

Thanks Ben! My wife keeps asking why I am on the computer so much. I trying to keep this investment a surprise so that when it hits, she will understand! In the meantime, I am keeping a low radar so to speak!

Benjamin said...

Plus, do you ever get the feeling no matter how much you try and explain these things people still don't understand the significance, impact, and potential of this little company we have stock in? I know I do, I tell people about vertical and they tell me about walmart.......ah well.

poscash said...

Yes! Many are the "I will believe it when I see it" types. By that time the price will be through the
roof! Well, we tried to tell them
while it was low!