Sunday, May 27, 2007

On hold waiting for the...uhhhh...uh oh.

Other chipmakers have much much more to fear from IBM as there is a very large diversion from personal machines to corporate machines. One will be massive and small at the same time. The other will be small and smaller at the same time. The following is enough to shiver any chipmaker's timbers... harrrrr

IBM and partners develop new memory chip material
By John Markoff
Published: December 10, 2006

SAN JOSE, California: Scientists at IBM and two partner companies have developed a promising material ... Qimonda and Macronix.

The scientists have designed a new semiconductor alloy derived from materials currently used in optical storage devices like CDs and DVDs.

The advantage of the new material, according to the scientists, is that it can be used to create switches more than 500 times as fast as today's flash chips.

"This could change the basic equation between processors, local storage and communications."

Such a capability means that the new memories will be more flexible than flash memory and can be used in a wider variety of applications and computer designs.

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See? A patent is only as good as the ability to make something out of what you're describing. Other wise, the prettiest document with all the frillies is no better than a washed up engineering student. Even a document from Stanford can be reduced to butt-wiper-blades in a heartbeat of humiliation.

The old timers in the industries knew engineering is more a matter of doing more than saying. They sell all kinds of paper for doodling and daydreaming and they sell it by the roll. But, the real stuff, they sell that by the sheet.

That way you treat the stuff on the roll as common as one would treat toilet paper. heh heh heh

The stuff you get by the sheet, you keep it so clean and pretty one could eat off it... and will for many years to come.

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