Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's the eyepatch, I tell ya. I can't see a thing with this...

Oh, uhhh, hello guys and gals.

I'm just dropping off an old Magazine morrie is going to want to see when he gets back from his vacation to a beautiful island in the Wango Pangy keys called Pooka Poky. Great place for tribal ritual practical jokes and buggery.

Anywho, don't mind the pictures of the natives in this. They're harmless enough.

What is very interesting is the wording in one of the commercials about VCSY's subsidiary NOW Solutions, Verizon and SaaS.

To Wit:
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I don't know why we didn't see this earlier when we were first looking.

Apparently others are able to search better than the original bunch of us. It's the third link for a google of Verizon + SaaS.

"The application service provider model never gained broad user acceptance because the ASPs positioned themselves as resellers of traditional software applications that were fundamentally flawed. The ASPs also had to make tremendous up-front investments in their service delivery infrastructures and showcase operations centers, which created tremendous cash flow problems. As a result, nearly all of the original ASPs disappeared during the dot-com downfall."

"In January, Verizon Business announced an agreement to support NOW Solutions new emPath service, a new web-based version of NOW SOlutions human resource management, payroll and benefit administration software. According to the agreement, Verizon Data Center Services will support the EmPath application with carrier-class data infrastructure, redundant power supplies and network connectivity, physical and data security and 24-hour monitoring and management."

Please note:
"...a new web-based version of NOW SOlutions human resource management, payroll and benefit administration software..."

Please also note:
Verizon Data Center Services will support the EmPath application with:
1. carrier-class data infrastructure
2. redundant power supplies and network connectivity
3. physical and data security
4. 24-hour monitoring and management

When the first news was out about NOW Solutions SaaS the skeptics like desertfox, tp and mirror claimed that Verizon was the outfit providing the SaaS components.

They were wrong then and they are still wrong today and tomorrow.

We see here NOW Solutions didn't need any help with SaaS, thank you. The web-based version of their business IS SaaS and they built it with their own tools and technologies. They could have simply built their own SaaS center but it's better to let Verizon do with infrastructure what you do not need to do so you can apply yourself to what you're good at, SaaS for human resources and any other disciplines or technologies.

So, to be clear so there is no further waste of time with their "opinions":
Verizon is hosting NOW Solutions SaaS with 1. computers 2. power and internet feeds 3. a secure place 4. around the clock

NOW Solutions brought their own SaaS of their own creation. That is what they are presenting on Verizon and what Verizon invites to join. VCSy is sitting there ready to do the same thing NOW Solutions can do for others by extending what emPath does from the initially configured and purposed package to the new vertical use.

That's why they call it Vertical.

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