Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wise Man Buy VCSY Says the Yo Yo Man...

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By: yo-eleven
20 Jun 2007, 10:48 PM EDT
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Hey, folks, here's a prediction for you from kantuc aka legofeel aka mirror aka reflexshun etcetera: (IF)"...MSFT settles, there is no doubt that VCSY will be able to go after many other companies from an even stronger position. I'd say that there is (very roughly) a 1 in 4 chance of this happening, and if it does it isn't hard to imagine a ten or 20 fold increase in the pps..."

So, a 1 in 4 chance Microsoft will settle and that would provide a 20x increase in shareprice to about 40 cents.

We'll, let's think about that. February 7, 2007 MSFT received a cease and desist on anything they were doing like what is described in the SiteFlash patent.

I must say Microsoft exercised remarkable restraint (as did Google) in that they pulled in their horns regarding the subject of Web-based operating systems (what SiteFlash actually is - a markup based operating system. Ain't THAT wild?). If you would like the journalist articles I can provide that.

It was like that with all of Microsoft's marketing. They pulled in and delayed Longhorn. They delayed Viridian which likely infringes the Agent Patent. They were a model outfit showign restraint and courteous regard.

Then, they changed course.

As of several weeks ago, Microsoft suddenly changed their behaviour and we see Microsoft began fielding their next generation stuff in a very measured and thoughtful manner. They have increased the types of system features being introduce lately to encompass the more 'iffy' Intellectual Property issue at question and that is that of Emily. Acropolis is microsoft's interpretation of the kind of markup language programming facility described by the Emily patent application.

Essentially Emily is a dynamic markup programming language (as is Microsoft Acropolis) which runs on a micro-server which runs markup language to accomplish interactive transactioning between proprietary systems and markup environements (Microsoft DLR and VCSY MLE).

And here we are Acropolis is just now coming out in Alpha, VCSY's Emily is still not patented... why doesn't Microsoft slit VCSY's throat? They've been working on these systems for seven years. Why would they not rush something into the market and just squash the patent effort? I mean, if they're going to fight, aren't they going to fight?

Where's this big out of 4 chance fight? Looks like the chinchilla judging event at the local church social.

If Microsoft are inclined to fight VCSY, they are being very gentlemanly and I find that VCSY, under such siege of combative pacifism, have stood their ground and given MSFT a requested 60 day extension to respond.

That Dick Wade. He's such a nice guy! We'll kill them with kindness, that's what we'll do. Gosh all shucks.

You're right, mirror. A 1 in 4 chance that Microsoft will fight the patent out in the open with infringement obvious to a fourteen year old kid (but, of course, not to IT 'professionals') and their competitors under remarkable restraint waiting, as it were, to see what Microsoft was going to do.

Yeah. Sure.

I would reverse those numbers to 4 in 1 chance of Microsoft settling.

There are a whole host of reasons why that makes more sense than your scenario.

What happens when the patent for a next generation software system and business is validated by an agreement to work with VCSY? Twenty times is peanuts for the next generation software technology, lego.

It was that way in 2000. It's that way today. What's the ratio HERE?

We're tiny but we own the field. The crowd is large and they don't own anything. How does that sound for ratio?

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