Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Common Sense from "the Bull"...

By: yo-eleven

19 Jun 2007, 02:09 PM EDT

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It's interesting to see the habitually absent all cluster around waiting for something they know is coming all the while denying the possibilities exist.

They can't deny the changes they see happening with IBM and Microsoft and they think the reason is certainly something else other than what's been described in post after post with reference material supplied. VCSY technology is implacable and must be dealt with. The stumblers and trippers want you to believe we won't know that for 18 months until 'the trial' is done (and then there are months of appeals after THAT). They want you to know it's DAYS until June 30. And even WEEKS until July 13. 'And how can you wait for an answer from the company even one day longer!' is what they want you to think.

when you've waited over 7 years for something a few more weeks or days doesn't really matter any more. You get this dull 'It's almost over' or 'at least we'll find out something and go from there'.

Why are we so calm in our waiting and it's the people so obviously against the company and the stock that are havign a hard time with the time we have ahead?

Have you thought about what's going on in announcements by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Sun and the others?

The rest of the technology world is scratching their several heads at what we've all seen over the past month. They have many fragmented ideas as to what is going on.

But, we here seem to have the most cogent view of IBM Microsoft and the rest of the minor planets orbiting around something that sure looks like a set of intellectual property claims that run tire tracks smack over everything these companies have been trying to build out for years.

That is, if you've read. These haven't and they think today is like any other day in technology land, but for some reason today is important enough to rouse pops out of his long nap. Again, why now?

Why now when we have only a few days to go? If they are so convinced as to the result will be more waiting, why are they so anxious about it?

IBM and Microsoft are very open and confident about what they are announcing... a 180 degree difference in the way this subject was playing out only a few weeks ago. Odd that IBM would foster Microsoft SOAP in this day and age but July 13 is when THAT little bit of unimaginable showed up.

Small things like these tell us much about what seems to be happening in secret. Taken together, it explains the silence while the anti-vcsy crowd keep asking the same questions and giving the same answers.

And if you can't see the coincidental timing of this law suit and these negotiations at this time in tech history, and the coincidental movements of the announced technologies (made more unusual by what the same companies said they could or could not do only six months ago) during this same timeframe, you simply haven't looked.

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