Friday, July 20, 2007

Request to RePost: The Good Gamble

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By: morrie33
19 Jul 2007, 08:01 PM EDT
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Load-up. Here's the god's honest straight #### deal...

This is a .025 stock. But...

We have NOW Solutions. A $6 million company who Verizon picked out to be their trailblazer on SAAS. Wow. Could NOW come into big money one of these days?

We have the $20 billion Verizon deal with the government. See #1. Is little ol' VCSY, already working with Verizon, even a little part of that government work? Hmmmmm. That could be more money for VCSY, right?

And what about that Fiber Optic patent that tepe likes to bring up every third Thursday? He says it's crap. But what if it's actually for real? Didn't Luiz say to a shareholder once that the F.O. patent is something VCSY would never give up? "It could be worth billions," was a statement I think he said. Well...what if? Would you gamble a few cents a shares for something that could be worth billions?

And then there's that XML stuff and IBM? And IBM working with empath? What about those Wade trips to IBM? Do we think he's just touring the facility like a farmer visiting Universal Studios? He's just taking pictures and buying souvenirs? Hmmm...So we have a .02 stock that MIGHT be working with IBM? That might have their tech in IBM products? Is that worth the gamble?

Isn't emily going through the Patent process? Hmmmm...Another tech patented? This is still a .025 stock, right? I'm gambling that maybe this emily patent is the one that hits it big, right?

Or, someone mentioned ResponseFlash. Those billions of dollars the government just announced. Hmmmmm. Maybe VCSY is a part of that? You mean for a few cents a share, I can gamble again that VCSY might be a part of the government's emergency response system? Hmmmm. I wonder how much money that would be worth?

And then there's SiteFlash. MSFT already said they're using it. They are not challenging that fact. So, apparently one of VCSY's tech is good enough for MSFT to use and use widely in one of their flagship products. So if MSFT is using it, who else is, and/or who else wants to? You mean I can buy this stock for a few cents a share and just wait for MSFT to legally license this? Or another company to legally license this? And how much will that be worth?

Oh, and there's ROSS who owes VCSY about $2 million. That will be paid. They can prolong that, but VCSY will get that money. But, hate to say it, but $2 million is small potatos for the speculation that one can make with this stock.

Finally, there's that MSFT case. Weak response by MSFT. As others have pointed out, it's the same tactic MSFT tried with the patent office and the patent office didn't buy it, so the court won't. VCSY will win this case or MSFT will settle. So again, you're saying that for a .025 stock, I can gamble my money that within a few years, VCSY will beat behemoth MSFT in a court case? Again, for the price of the stock, a pretty damn good gamble...

Load-up, here's the bottom line. I know this is a penny stock. And when I buy a penny stock, I know there is risk. But the risk to reward ratio is HUGE here. If any of the above scenarios hit, VCSY will skyrocket. If two of the scenarios hit, VCSY will skyrocket twice, etc., etc.

This is a bargain. We get entertained by clowns like niche and tepe all for the price of .025/share, and yet our chances of greatly increasing our investments are also HUGE...It's a gamble I like, and I know you do too...

That's what the clowns don't understand. This day by day watching of the stock is silly. Their histrionics are hilarious. One day we will all wake up and the price will be very different than it is today (higher, you small-minds), and we will all be laughing, and they will be nowhere found on these boards. As RR likes to point out, this is not just a one-trick pony. Many different facets. Many different techs. And when it is announced what is being used where, watch out. Lives changed. All for .025/share. What a freakin' bargain.

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