Monday, July 23, 2007

Waiting for Guffman...

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By: RapidRobert2

24 Jul 2007, 12:21 AM EDT

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waitin: The bottom line is the end game and not during the game. Richard Wade, CEO, VCSY, learned his business acumen from those around him at Duty Free Shoppers. They were also a 'silent' company but made their owners BILLIONS in the end game. Wade learned the 'art of the deal' from those guys and if he has to remain silent, he will. I don't like it but I do respect Richard Wade for following his own mind and not those of the market wanting news for news sake...important news is more important than some distribution agreement, which VCSY has signed with at least three more companies in the last month. NO PR on those. NO PR on many things we have found that is maybe 'borderline' material info but Wade decided they weren't 'Material' as we didn't get a PR...same as many things going at VCSY and NOW Solutions that we know happened and have found but yet no press release...there is a reason for NO press releases on those types of deals and we will find out from Richard Wade why he didn't feel they were 'material' enough to disclose to shareholders and the public.

Wade is looking for when everything comes together and he isn't going to rush it by looking at the pps every few minutes like you DO.

I suggest you take some breaks during the day and go for a walk, a lil trip, get a dog, clean the house...anything but watch the pps every minute of the day. That isn't healthy and no wonder you are coming up with ridiculous accusations. Wade isn't selling shares, VCSY isn't selling shares and only the BASHERS are trying to keep the pps down.

Your theories are plain nonsense. If you feel that way, sell your shares and NEVER buy another stock because you STILL DO NOT understand business or the stock market. Sure, there is MM manipulation but it is legal with the blessing of the SEC. I don't like to trade on the OTCBB for that reason. The other exchanges have some built in protections but NONE on the OTCBB..the MM's do whatever they like and that is the way it is.

I do think there was an organized attempt to put VCSY out of business and that is WHY Richard Wade is still in 'steath' and still concerned enough that he won't worry about the pps or even shareholders until the time comes when VCSY can make the announcements to propel VCSY into the NASDAQ and have enough money to fight ANY ENEMY.

I don't know if it was MSFT, or CDC or even IBM..since we haven't seen a license by IBM...we don't know if IBM is using some of the VCSY tech legally or not but I DO KNOW VCSY is working with IBM on some projects, like 'second life' and others. How much are they working together since 2001 is still a mystery UNTIL Richard Wade is Willing, Ready and Able to make the news available.

I think MSFT and VCSY is still talking, don't know if they have a deal but I think their might be some backstepping by MSFT on a deal and it has to be worked out or VCSY will go forward and WIN THE LAWSUIT and even MORE MONEY than from a license today.

Wade knows what he is doing, if someone doesn't trust him, they should simply sell and move on. But to make accusations against him and the company is wrong. Your statements are wrong and I have shown you where and ignore advice and every few weeks start the same nonsense again.

Forget it, you ARE WRONG. VCSY and Wade ARE WORKING to make VCSY a HUGE SUCCESS and that is the GOAL OF MANAGEMENT AT VCSY...Not holding the hands of shareholders.

That is the way it is in the real world. A good CEO wants to build the company into a success. Most put out FLUFF press releases and bogus news to build up the pps....Richard Wade DOES NOT PUT OUT that type of news and if I have a choice, I will be REAL over FLUFF ANYDAY of the week.

The price per share will take care of itself when the news is released.

Oh! And, don't get jealous of new investors buying in at these prices, THANK THEM for being smart enough to see a hidden gem and buy it before the big events happen and are announced.

Have a Good Night.

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